The Distinct Painting Warranty

You won’t find another painting contractor in Fort Collins or other parts of Northern Colorado that stands behind their workmanship with a warranty like we do. Interior or exterior painting, new construction or renovation, wood finishing or refurbishment—Distinct Painting Company offers an 8-year warranty to all our residential customers in the Northern Colorado community. We guarantee that if any work we do to your home fails, we will gladly set things right as quickly as possible.

Given the extreme and sometimes volatile weather we get along the Front Range and in the eastern prairie, we do exclude any damage caused by fading from UV rays, hail, wind, or damage caused by fire or any other natural element. Also, we do not cover damage caused by the homeowner. To keep the warranty intact, we also require that our customers hose down the exterior of their homes three to five times a year to help with the quality, durability, and longevity of the products and services we’ve provided. Additionally, all exterior siding must be free from water damage and in good enough shape that we can effect repairs and repainting.

What Our Personal DPC Warranty Includes

Our Distinct Painting Company, LLC. 8-year warranty is your protection on the interior and exterior painting and refurbishing work we perform on your Colorado home. If our work fails because of inadequate product quality, outside of the exclusions listed below, we will repaint at no charge to you.

Exterior Exclusions

Other exclusions to the warranty, among those already discussed above, are:

  • Fading
  • Damage incurred after we’ve completed the work
  • Damage done by hail
  • Damage from wind or tornado
  • Damage from other natural elements
  • Water damage from sprinklers or water systems

Also excluded is failure caused because of underlying structural components that were already compromised or damaged, e.g., cracked or spalling stucco, water intrusion and damage, and foundation shifting or subsidence. Our warranty also excludes outside decks, all stain work, repair work done previously by another contractor, storm gutter failure (or the absence of storm gutters), and locations where ice, snow, or water accumulate.

Interior Exclusions

All painted surfaces must be well maintained and clean. Also, the warranty excludes:

  • Damage from smoke
  • Damage from cleaning chemicals
  • The buildup of dust, dirt, soot, or other debris on the walls and ceilings

Contact us to learn more about our 8-year warranty on workmanship and our products.