Since launching in 2007, Distinct Painting has committed to delivering superior exterior painting services in Arvada, including lead paint removal services for commercial properties and older homes. Our dedication to top-notch craftsmanship and building strong customer relationships shines through in our detailed work and our core values of treating each project with the highest level of respect and integrity.

Quality products

Understanding the diverse climate challenges of the Denver metropolitan area, marked by its broad temperature fluctuations and extreme conditions, we carefully choose only the best quality paint primers and finishes. Arvada’s top exterior painting company uses products specially designed to endure the local weather, from the deep winter freezes dropping to sub-zero temperatures to the peak summer heat up in the high 90s, ensuring our paint jobs last through the seasons.

Quality Preparation

We start our preparation with a thorough inspection of your property to pinpoint any repair needs. Our exterior painting crew in Arvada diligently follows the steps to remove all leading paint and areas with failing paint, smooth all surfaces through sanding, and apply a primer to enhance paint bonding. We also fill any gaps and cracks with high-grade polyurethane sealants, because we are committed to excellence in every detail of our work.


Our commitment goes beyond painting. We are adamant about environmental responsibility, and became the go-to lead paint removal service in Arvada because we recycle and dispose of materials in a responsible manner, highlighting our dedication to being stewards of the environment and adhering to sustainable best practices.

Customer Satisfaction

At Distinct Painting, cleanliness, courtesy, and respect guide our approach to every project, inside and out. We recognize the significance of your investment and the protective role of quality paint against extreme temperatures. Whether residential or commercial, our exterior painting services in Arvada are backed by an 8-year warranty, covering issues like bubbling, flaking, or peeling—another reinforcement of our commitment to your satisfaction. From exterior painting to lead paint removal, Arvada’s best painters have you covered.

Exterior Wood

In addition to offering home and commercial painting services in Arvada, we’re experts in treating and finishing exterior wood surfaces, such as decks and trims. Whether opting for paint or stain, we thoroughly prepare all wood surfaces, sanding and repairing as necessary to guarantee a durable and attractive finish. Our exterior painting and staining services in Arvada don’t just boost the visual appeal of your home; they also shield your property from Colorado’s extreme weather.

Exterior Painting Ideas

Transform your home’s curb appeal with a new paint job, an easy investment that promises substantial rewards. Selecting the right colors can highlight your home’s finest features, reflect your personal style, and blend with the architectural style and local environment. A professionally done exterior paint job not only enhances the beauty of your property, it also plays a vital role in its upkeep and value. Contact us today for a quote for lead paint removal and exterior painting services in Arvada!