Distinct Painting Company delivers excellent exterior painting services in Northern Colorado, ensuring each project shines with high-quality painting. Known for exceptional customer service, we treat every client with integrity and respect. Our exterior painting team in Loveland is dedicated to making your space look its best, always with a friendly and honest approach.

Quality products

At Distinct Painting Company, our exterior painters in Loveland are experts at using climate-friendly outdoor paint primers and finishes. These special products help protect your home from fading, cracking, and peeling. We understand the unique weather challenges in Northern Colorado and are committed to keeping your house looking its best with durable and vibrant protection that lasts.

Quality Preparation

Our exterior painting team in Loveland takes care to remove old paint and then primes surfaces to enhance paint adhesion. This makes sure the new paint sticks well. We’re also skilled in caulking with strong polyurethane sealants and preparing wood surfaces for a smooth paint or stain finish by sanding them and filling any gaps with quality wood filler, ensuring a flawless look.


Distinct Painting Company is an EPA Lead-Abatement certified firm, prioritizing safety and the environment during lead paint removal in Loveland. We strictly follow regulations for safe removal and responsible disposal of lead materials. If your home was built before 1978 and might contain lead paint, trust us to handle its removal safely, ensuring the well-being of your family and the environment.


Distinct Painting Company practices environmental stewardship by recycling and being responsible with waste. This reduces our ecological footprint, demonstrating our commitment to the planet.

Customer Satisfaction

Our painters provide top-notch home and commercial exterior painting services in Loveland that make buildings look new again. We’re all about being clean, polite, and respectful. We know how important your place is to you, so we promise to take great care of it. Plus, we give you an 8-year warranty that covers any bubbling, flaking, or peeling. This means we’ve got you covered!

Exterior Wood

Our team in Loveland is skilled in exterior painting, including the staining and finishing of exterior wood like decks and siding. It’s important to finish wood properly to protect it and make it last longer. Whether you’re looking to enhance the wood’s natural beauty with a stain or protect it with durable paint, our painters can guide you in choosing the best option for your home’s exterior.


Distinct Painting Company specializes in exterior painting in Loveland, significantly boosting curb appeal and resale value. Our top-quality paint jobs protect against weather, hide flaws, and enhance architectural styles, ensuring your home beautifully complements the neighborhood. With our vibrant colors, your property will not only stand out but also fit in perfectly, elevating its overall charm.


For your exterior painting project or lead paint removal in Loveland, contact Distinct Painting Company. We offer free estimates, ensuring quality service and your complete satisfaction. Start your service journey with us and experience the difference!