Interior Painting Service in Arvada

Distinct Painting Co. specializes in transforming your indoor spaces with a fresh coat of paint in the Arvada area. Recognized as a top-rated painting and siding contractor, our commitment shines through in every aspect of our work. Whether it’s single wall painting for your Arvada home, cabinet painting, detailed trim, or an entire room you want to revamp with our interior painting services, our team at Distinct Painting Co. sets numerous goals and maintains exceptional standards on every project.

Customer Satisfaction

Our approach is rooted in traditional customer service values. When you entrust the interior painting of your Arvada property to Distinct Painting Co., you can rest assured of a consistent experience characterized by safety, professionalism, cleanliness, respect, and repeated satisfaction. Because we understand your home is your sanctuary, we strive to reduce any mess and minimize disruption in your daily routines. Our dedication to workmanship and integrity is second to none.

Quality Work

Our reputation for excellent workmanship and meticulous attention to detail is our trademark. We expect nothing less than the best from ourselves and our work. We believe that a perfect paint job comes from a keen eye for detail, regardless of whether it’s a big or small project. Blending our stringent work ethic with premium products and a team of compassionate professionals is a combination for success. Choose our services and the newly painted areas in your home will shine with renewed vibrancy—free from drips, stray brush strokes, or forgotten tape on trim. You can expect nothing less than top-tier, professional-grade interior painting in Arvada every time we step onto a job.

OUR Warranty

We stand by our work with an 8-year warranty, assuring you of high-caliber workmanship and nothing but the finest quality materials. If down the road you have issues with peeling, flaking, or bubbling paint, our warranty ensures we’ll cover it. If you find loose caulking, we’ll return in a jiffy to reseal it. If any area requires touch-ups after we’re gone, we’ll return to ensure perfection. We are steadfast in our commitment to deliver paintwork that meets the highest standards of flawlessness.


The excellence of an interior paint job in your Arvada residence heavily relies on the initial preparation. Applying paint over an unprimed surface or deteriorating wood compromises the integrity of the final look. Such oversights might not be immediately evident, but they’ll become apparent over time and will disrupt the luster and vibrancy of the colors. Even painted, neglected wood may deteriorate further, compromising the color continuity, and increasing its susceptibility to further decay. Unaddressed nail pops will also detract from the neatness of the paintwork.

Color Choices

Interior painting unlocks the transformative power of color within your living space. The right shades, applied with professional finesse, can turn any structure into a comfortable abode. Your selections of color can alter the ambiance of a room from intimate to open, classic to contemporary, and playful to subdued. And color choices involve a myriad of considerations. Psychologically, color impacts our moods—greens induce tranquility, while oranges invigorate. Also, the perceived dimensions of your space are influenced by color choices; lighter shades can give the illusion of expansiveness, whereas darker tones tend to make spaces feel more intimate.


The skilled contractors at Distinct Painting Co. for interior painting in Arvada are dedicated to enhancing the allure and appeal of your property. Our meticulous approach not only makes your spaces more illustrious, but our top-notch work also contributes to increasing the value of your home. At Distinct Painting Co., we offer the finest painting services across the Front Range, defined by superior aesthetics and a personal dedication to excellence.

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