Interior Painting Service in Broomfield

Distinct Painting Co. excels in reviving the interior of your home with a vibrant wall painting for Broomfield and the neighboring communities. As a highly regarded painting contractor, we exhibit a commitment reflected in the full scope of our workmanship, quality materials, and dedication to complete customer satisfaction. If your Broomfield property needs a splash of color on just a single wall, could use a visual upgrade on some older cabinetry, requires a precision touch-up on scuffed trim, or would benefit from a full-room makeover with our interior painting solutions, our team of painters at Distinct Painting Co. strives to achieve every aspect of your vision, and to uphold outstanding standards for every job we undertake.

Customer Satisfaction

Our service philosophy is deeply rooted in providing customer service you won’t get from any other painting contractor. Trusting Distinct Painting Co. with the interior painting of your Broomfield home ensures uniform service marked by safety, expertise, tidiness, courtesy, and consistent quality. Recognizing your home as your pride and joy, we strive to keep all disruptions and clutter to a bare minimum. Our commitment to fine craftsmanship and ethical conduct is unparalleled.

Quality Work

We are recognized for our superior craftsmanship and our scrupulous attention to even the smallest details, which is how we’ve gained and maintained our respectable reputation. We accept nothing but excellent performance from our team. We know a flawless paint finish is the product of an attentive eye for detail, no matter how big or small the job. Merging our strict work ethic with high-quality products, we have created a team that provides surefire success. With our services, the newly painted sections of your house will be bright and impeccable, without drips, accidental brush marks, or overlooked taping on moldings. Every time we undertake a job in Broomfield painting walls, trim, cabinets or whole rooms, you can look forward to exemplary, top-quality interior painting.

OUR Warranty

We back our work with a solid 8-year warranty, guaranteeing top-notch craftsmanship and the use of only the best materials. If you encounter any problems with chipping, cracking, or paint bubbling, our warranty promises we’ll address it promptly and make things right. If you find any loose caulking, we’ll return to fix it. Should there be a need for touch-ups once we’ve completed our work, we’ll be sure to return to provide you with impeccable results. We provide paintwork that consistently meets the highest grades of perfection.


The distinction of an interior paint project in your Broomfield home largely depends on proper preparation. Painting over a surface that hasn’t been primed or coating deteriorating wood can undermine the visual and lasting quality of the entire job. These missteps might not be immediately noticeable, but over time will detract from the color brilliance and overall longevity. Untreated wood might continue to degrade, diminishing the uniformity of the color and making wood more prone to further damage. Unresolved issues like nail pops can also mar the overall neatness of the finish.

Color Choices

Our interior painting for Broomfield homeowners offers evocative potential for enlivening your living spaces. Brilliant hues, when applied by expert hands, will transform any room into a magical space. The color palette you choose can shift the atmosphere of a room from cozy to spacious, traditional to modern. Selecting the right colors is not a simple task; it’s a strategic decision, and we’ll help you make the right choices. Colors can influence our emotions—greens can soothe, while oranges can energize. Colors also affect how we perceive the size of your space; lighter tones can create an increased sense of spaciousness, while darker colors can capture a comfortable, cozier feel.


The expert contractors at Distinct Painting Co. specialize in interior painting in Broomfield. We are committed to enhancing the charm and value of your home. Our precise methods make your interiors more enchanting, and they play a role in increasing the market value of your home. The expert painters at Distinct Painting Co. deliver nothing less than premier painting services marked by unparalleled beauty and a steadfast commitment to painting excellence.

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