Interior Painting Service in Cherry Creek

Distinct Painting specializes in transforming homes with our expert interior painting services. As a leading local painting contractor, we dedicate ourselves to every facet of your project. Whether it’s enhancing walls, cabinets, trim, or giving entire rooms a fresh identity with paint, our Cherry Creek interior painting team commits to excellence and meticulous standards for each task.

Customer Satisfaction

  • We uphold traditional values in customer service.
  • Your confidence is guaranteed with every painting project you entrust to Distinct Painting Co. for Cherry Creek interior painting services.
  • In addition, we promise safety, professionalism, tidiness, courtesy, and consistent satisfaction with every undertaking.
  • We are very conscious of the fact your home is your sanctuary, so we strive to keep disruptions and disarray to a minimum.
  • Our dedication to superior workmanship and ethical conduct never wavers.

Quality Work

  • Our reputation for impeccable workmanship and a keen eye for detail is apparent in our work.
  • We set the bar high for ourselves and our tradesmanship, striving for unparalleled quality.
  • We achieve a pristine paint finish by focusing on even the little details, regardless of project size.
  • Our stringent work ethic combined with premium materials and dedicated professionals ensures you get a stunning, perfect finish.
  • Choose our Cherry Creek interior painting services, and your painting work as if it were the original work, perhaps even better—no bulging drips, brush strokes, or forgotten painter’s tape.
  • We consistently provide top-tier professional painting results.

OUR Warranty

  • We back our work with an 8-year warranty, covering both our craftsmanship and the materials used.
  • Any sign of peeling, bubbling, or flaking is covered by our warranty.
  • If you discover loose caulking, we’ll return to reseal it.
  • If you spot any areas that need touching up after we’ve completed our work, we’ll return to repaint them.
  • We stand by our commitment to produce a perfect paint job.
  • Our commitment to quality work is unwavering.


  • The success of interior painting in your Cherry Creek residence hinges on proper preparation. Applying new paint over an unprimed surface or deteriorating wood compromises the finish.
  • These issues might be invisible initially, but they will manifest over time, diminishing the vibrancy of the colors.
  • Compromised wood will crumble, disrupting the color continuity and further exposing the wood to decay.
  • Unaddressed nail pops will become visible, detracting from the crispness of the paint job.

Color Choices

  • The transformative effect of color in interior painting adds a whole new aesthetic to your home.
  • Selecting and applying the right hues can convert any space into a warm living area.
  • The color of your rooms can upgrade the entire atmosphere in your home, from intimate to open, from classic to contemporary.
  • When choosing colors for your home, there are several factors to consider.
  • The psychology of color says the impact of the hues you choose creates the energy of a room—greens bring tranquility, while oranges infuse energy.
  • The perception of space is also influenced by color: light shades can make a room feel more spacious, while dark tones tend to create a more intimate feel.