Distinct Painting is the top choice for painting services because we promise quality and honesty. We handle all kinds of painting services in Loveland, including new construction, condos, businesses, and apartment complexes.


  • For newly constructed homes in Northern Colorado, trust us for your painting and wood finishing needs.
  • Both interior and exterior painting require meticulous attention to detail and a precise method.
  • Newly constructed homes need thorough preparation before painting. We ensure walls are spotless before priming.
  • Depend on us for top-quality new construction painting in Loveland, backed by an eight-year warranty for paint failure, caulking, and touch-ups.
  • Wood finishing needs careful application; any imperfections like bubbles or brush strokes can ruin your chosen wood’s look.
  • Our goal is to showcase the wood’s natural beauty, making it a highlight of your home’s aesthetic. Choose our new construction painting services for your Loveland home.


  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identifies childhood lead poisoning as the most prevalent environmental illness among young kids.
  • Lead poison is extremely harmful, impacting nearly every part of the human body.
  • Even at minimal levels, lead’s toxic effects are most harmful to children’s growing brains and nervous systems. This can lead to lower IQs, shorter attention spans, difficulties in reading and learning, increased hyperactivity, and behavioral issues.
  • Distinct Painting Company holds an EPA ‘Lead-Abatement’ certification and offers lead paint removal in Loveland and the broader Front Range region. Since April 22, 2010, any work involving renovation, repair, or painting in buildings built before 1978 or those that house children requires certification.
  • Lead abatement firms must register with the EPA to avoid potential fines of up to $37,500.00 each day.
  • The EPA recommends hiring a certified company for lead paint removal to safeguard your family’s health, home safety, and value.
  • Our dedication to being eco-friendly includes providing lead paint removal in Loveland and preserving historic properties in Northern Colorado by properly disposing of hazardous materials.


  • Older homes need attention too. We restore them, making them feel almost new.
  • A fresh layer of paint can boost your home’s selling potential.
  • Painting kitchen or bathroom cabinets can rejuvenate the space at a fraction of remodeling costs.
  • If you’re sprucing up your home for sale, we can help make it market-ready.
  • With skilled restoration painting, our Loveland painting business can turn your fixer-upper into a valuable investment.