Exterior Siding

Protect your home from the Northern Colorado climate with Distinct Painting’s superior siding installation, replacement, and repair services in Loveland and throughout Larimer County. Our expert team provides top-quality workmanship and durable materials, ensuring your home’s exterior is both beautiful and resilient. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home’s appearance with new siding, replace damaged sections, or protect it from weather-related wear, Distinct Painting is Loveland’s trusted siding installation, repair, and replacement contractor.

New Installation & Siding Repair

Siding acts as a shield for your home’s exterior, guarding against the elements, moisture damage, and the wear and tear of Colorado’s seasonal shifts. A compromised siding panel can expose your home to water damage, potentially leading to structural damage and more costly repairs down the line. This makes it crucial to hire professional siding contractors in Loveland for siding replacement, installation, repair, and superior weatherproofing to protect your home and increase curb appeal.

The Repair/Replacement Process

Damage to your siding requires prompt attention to prevent further harm to your property. While urgent repairs are necessary, planning for siding replacement is often best in the fall, when the Colorado weather is milder. This timing might also benefit you with seasonal discounts on materials. Depending on the scope, we can perform siding repairs or replacements in Loveland within a few days to a couple of weeks. Our process includes removing external fixtures and old siding with environmental consciousness, possibly installing house wraps as required by local regulations, and preparing the base for new insulation and siding panels, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation.

Our Quality Siding

Several factors can lead to the deterioration of your home’s siding, such as aging, neglect, or poor installation quality. At Distinct Painting, we understand the importance of a moisture barrier wrap in any siding project to enhance your home’s durability and the lifespan of the siding. Choosing us for your siding installation and home waterproofing needs in Loveland means selecting the best materials and installation methods suited to your property. We offer premier products like TruWood® Smart Lap Siding, and we include Tyvek moisture barrier wraps to ensure your home is protected and that its siding lasts for many years to come.

Choosing Distinct Painting for your siding installation, replacement, and repair in Loveland means benefiting from:

  • Our commitment to using superior materials and installation practices.
  • Our team’s expertise and craftsmanship in siding installation.
  • Our promise of satisfaction with every project.
  • Our professional credentials, including licensing and insurance.