Staining and Finishes

When it comes to wood staining and wood finishing services for Arvada homes, the professionals at Distinct Painting Company excel in rejuvenating wood surfaces. Our skilled experts possess a profound appreciation for the fine craft of premium wood staining, as well as deck staining, guaranteeing exceptional results in every aspect of our work, from the initial preparation to the final touches.

Items we can finish include:

  • Decks
  • Stairwell raillings
  • Bars
  • Cupboards
  • Doors
  • Furniture

New Construction

Building your dream home involves focusing on every minor detail, from the design of countertops to the choice of door handles. Your house reflects your individuality and your commitment to quality, and the craftsmen at Distinct Painting Co. share your enthusiasm for perfection. We recognize that expertly finished woodwork can significantly spruce up the beauty of any room, while subpar finishes can detract from even the most stunning interiors. So when Distinct Painting handles wood finishing and wood trim staining on Arvada new construction projects, expect excellence.

Attention to Detail

Our dedication to excellence is steadfast in our wood staining and finishing for Arvada homes. We carefully choose high-quality products and use only time-tested techniques that respect and uphold the high standards of craftsmanship needed for superior quality. We use top-tier Spar finishes for outdoor decking and trim services in Arvada, assuring long-lasting durability and the capacity to endure varying humidity levels.

Refinishing Existing Homes

Refreshing and refinishing the wood in your Arvada home is a dynamic way to personalize and style your living spaces. Intricately finished woodwork not only draws attention but also adds a distinctive allure to any room.

Wood Trim Brings Character

Creating contrast in the wood trim between different rooms offers a visually appealing distinction, amplifying the unique theme of each area. It’s essential to select wood finishes that harmonize and energize the overall design of your home. For a modern touch, we recommend wood finishes lighter in color than your walls. Darker wood finishes will give you a more traditional aesthetic.


Keeping in step with our painting processes, the secret to achieving outstanding results in wood staining and finishing lies in comprehensive preparation. In Arvada, our wood staining and wood finishing team at Distinct Painting Co. meticulously strips old finishes, cleans, and sands the wood—going with the grain—and ensures all dust is completely removed after sanding. We allow each layer of finish to dry completely before applying the next layer, ensuring a perfect and lasting allure.