Distinct Painting specializes in high-quality, perfectly tailored wood finishing and staining services in Broomfield. Our expertise is built on years of experience, ensuring every staining project is completed flawlessly and with the utmost respect for the craft.

Items we can finish include:

  • Wooden decks
  • Handrails of staircases
  • Home bars
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Entrance and interior doors
  • Various types of furniture

New Construction

  • Building a new home tailored to your preferences means every detail counts, from kitchen counters to door knobs.
  • Your new residence is a reflection of your style and commitment to excellence.
  • At Distinct Painting, we strive to provide nothing but perfection, ensuring every Broomfield wood staining project we undertake enhances the beauty and allure of your spaces.
  • A well-executed wood finish adds a dazzling touch to any area, whereas a subpar job can diminish even the most elegant room or living area.

Attention to Detail

  • Our dedication to quality is unwavering in all our Broomfield wood staining and finishing projects.
  • We select premium products and employ techniques that showcase our respect for masterful finishing.
  • For all our projects, including deck and trim services in Broomfield, we insist on using top-tier products.
  • This includes the use of Spar finishes for outdoor applications, known for their flexibility and resilience to humidity variations.

Refinishing Existing Homes

  • Refinishing wood in your Broomfield home is a fantastic way to spruce it up with your personal touch.
  • Meticulously finished details bring a captivating charm and add a unique element to any area.

Wood Trim Brings Character

  • Differentiating wood trims in various rooms visually sets them apart, enhancing the room’s theme.
  • It’s essential to ensure that contrasting wood trims complement rather than clash.
  • Mismatched wood trims can take away from the appeal of a room.
  • For a contemporary feel, choose wood finishes lighter than your wall colors.
  • Opt for wood finishes darker than your walls for a traditional ambiance.


  • Just like painting, the key to success in our custom wood staining and finishing services in Broomfield lies in thorough preparation.
  • When removing an old finish, we meticulously ensure its complete removal before adding the new finish.
  • The wood must be cleaned thoroughly before finishing.
  • Sanding along the grain is essential for a smooth finish.
  • When the sanding is done, removing all dust is crucial.
  • Each finish layer must be allowed to dry fully before applying the next.