Exterior Siding

Living in the greater Denver area offers a blend of beauty and adventure. However, the extreme weather and temperatures along the Front Range can significantly impact our homes’ exteriors. With temperatures dropping as low as -11°F, it’s vital to ensure your home’s exterior is well-maintained. This is where Distinct Painting comes into play—your premier siding contractor for Broomfield, with siding replacement, repair, and installation services!

New Installation & Siding Repair

Just as your roof safeguards the top of your Broomfield home, siding shields your home’s exterior against harsh weather, protecting against moisture and seasonal climate changes. A single damaged siding panel can expose your home to water damage, potentially leading to more costly repairs. Thus, proper siding installation is crucial for your Broomfield and Denver area properties.

The Repair/Replacement Process

Immediate action is necessary when your home’s siding is damaged, and its ability to protect your home is compromised. The ideal time for siding replacement in Broomfield is usually in the fall when the Colorado weather is milder. This time of year also often brings potential discounts on materials, as the construction and home repair industry slows down for winter.

Simple panel repairs and replacements can be done in a day or two. For a complete siding replacement on your Broomfield property, it may take one to two weeks. The duration varies depending on your house size, the siding type you select, and whether the new siding needs painting post-installation.

Our process begins with removing trim, shutters, and exterior accessories. We also remove lighting, downspouts, and plumbing fixtures. After this, we’ll remove the aged siding and insulation, responsibly disposing of the materials. Depending on local regulations, we may install a house wrap. We then lay down furring to create a smooth base for the siding panels and insulation.

Our Quality Siding

Siding failure can result from various factors like age, lack of maintenance, or poor initial installation. We understand the importance of a wrap barring moisture in any siding project to prevent subwall moisture damage, reinforcing your home’s durability and your new siding’s service life.

At Distinct Painting, we work together to select the highest quality siding materials and techniques for your Broomfield home. Our top products include TruWood® Smart Lap Siding, and we also install Tyvek moisture barrier wraps to ensure the effectiveness and longevity of your new siding.

We guarantee that our expert siding installation will effectively protect your home.

Here are the advantages of choosing Distinct Painting for your siding replacement in Broomfield:

  • Our use of top-tier materials as well as proficient installation techniques.
  • Our team comprises top-tier siding professionals.
  • Our commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Our licensing and insurance coverage.

Contact the Experts

New siding will enhance the aesthetic, curbside appeal of your home, which potentially will increase its resale value. And when it’s installed correctly and conscientiously by an expert team of siding contractors in Fort Collins, like Distinct Painting Company, you’ll enjoy decades of beauty and protection from your new siding.

Contact us to schedule your free quote, and let’s get underway ensuring your home is sufficiently protected over the coming years. We deliver 100% customer satisfaction.