Distinct Painting is known for excellent painting and honest dealings. Our Arvada new construction painting team handles all types of jobs, including new buildings, condos, businesses, and apartments, ensuring the best service for every project.


  • If you are building your dream home in Northern Colorado, let our team in Arvada handle the new construction painting and wood finishing.
  • We understand that both interior and exterior painting requires meticulous attention to detail and a precise method.
  • New constructions need prep work. We ensure walls are spotless and smooth before priming.
  • Depend on us for a superior new construction paint job. We offer an eight-year warranty covering paint failure, caulking, and touch-ups.
  • Wood finishing demands even more precision. Imperfections can spoil the look of your chosen wood.
  • We aim to highlight the wood’s natural beauty. Our expertise in both new construction and restoration painting ensures every home shines to its fullest potential.


  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identify childhood lead poisoning as “the most common environmental disease of young children.”
  • Lead poses a severe risk to children, impacting almost every bodily system.
  • At minimal exposure levels, lead can severely affect children’s brain development and nervous systems, leading to lower IQ scores, shorter attention spans, difficulties in reading and learning, increased hyperactivity, and various behavioral issues.
  • Distinct Painting Company is certified by the EPA for ‘Lead Abatement’ and provides lead paint removal services in Arvada and throughout the entire Front Range. Since April 22, 2010, any renovations, repairs, or painting jobs in homes built before 1978 require a certified professional.
  • Additionally, lead abatement firms must register with the EPA to avoid facing hefty fines that can reach up to $37,500 per day.
  • The EPA strongly advises homeowners to choose a certified company for lead paint removal tasks to protect their family’s health, their home’s value, and themselves.
  • Our commitment to the environment includes offering lead paint removal services in Arvada and other historic areas in Northern Colorado while ensuring responsible disposal of all materials.


  • Vintage homes need careful attention. Our team revitalizes vintage buildings and gives them a fresh, almost new appearance.
  • Applying fresh paint can aid in selling older property.
  • Painting kitchen or bathroom cabinets can rejuvenate the entire area at a much lower cost than a full remodel.
  • Preparing your home for sale? Our services can ensure it’s ready for the market.
  • With expert restoration painting, our Arvada business can greatly increase your fixer-upper’s value.